About B.A. Mahrab

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B. A. is a short story author, content creator, and future novelist.  A lifelong love of science and the natural world fuels her growing passion for ecological science fiction.  B.A.’s writing defies the historically dark and dystopian drift of the science fiction genre, and she is a firm believer in the mantra that “…while the future might be an overwhelming prospect, it doesn’t have to be frightening, and it doesn’t have to hurt.” – RoAnna Sylva.  Instead, she hopes to craft stories that leave readers filled with brighter outlooks and open to the possibilities of better outcomes for the future of humankind.

She wants her audience to picture themselves inside the worlds she creates and interact with the characters she builds. Her short term goals are to discover ways to blend her work as a content creator for the medical technology industry with historically accurate and ecologically beneficial lifestyles for the characters she creates.  She believes that this blend empowers her to build worlds and characters that add a true-to-life dimension to the extremely unique brand of science fiction she wishes to produce.

Her long term goals include developing a collection of short stories and micro-fiction which will link together and form a picture of how daily life might look in the future.  She has also begun an outline for a trilogy of novels based in the solarpunk sub-genre. The trilogy will follow several generations of humanity as they survive looming climate disasters by employing human ingenuity in tandem with smart technology.

When not dreaming up ways to save humankind from self-annihilation, B.A. can be found honing her skills in Southern New Hampshire University’s Mountainview MFA program as she pursues her Master’s Degree for Creative Writing.


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