A Place for What-Ifs

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Author: B.A. Mahrab

I love writing. I don’t have much time to devote to the fun stuff, but when I can, I’m here doing what I love most: creating fictional places where I can escape to from the real world.

This site will chronicle my adventures and discoveries as I dive into the literary world of Solarpunk: a form of science fiction that flies in the face of the historically dystopic futures we’ve come to expect out of our beloved and science-heavy genre. My goal is to help illustrate how hard science – real, useful, “now” science – can be blended with fiction to create something other than the apocalyptic, self-fulfilling prophecies that have come to define traditional science fiction.

I want to breathe life into the possibility of a planet where sustainable energy has been mastered, the air is clean and clear, and pollution has been eradicated or, at the very least, successfully managed; a place where a strong agricultural society no longer needs to genetically modify food in an effort to fight disease, drought, or blight; and homes where the tap produces water so sweet and bright, you can’t help but curl your tongue around it as you drink.

Science fiction has long been a social predictor…so, I find myself asking: What if? Anything is possible. Anything.

This page will cover everything from exclusive, first-peek excerpts on upcoming pieces, to requests for feedback from you – the reader (yes, I really want to hear what you have to say!).  I’ll also be covering some interesting stories that I come across in my research that might just inspire folks to dream big, some ramblings from my over-caffeinated and under-socialized mind, and useful tips on writing.  Oh, and politics may sneak in every once in a while – because politics and science fiction go hand-in-hand, and I can be a pretty opinionated person on that topic.

There’s quite a bit to explore, so look around, take your time, read some of the excerpts and other items in my blog, and browse the links.

If there’s something missing that you’d like to see, or a news item or scientific achievement you think should be highlighted, send me a message!