Rapid-Fire Randomness…


What happens when a dream, a conversation, a notification of a cousin’s acceptance into his Archaeological Doctoral program at Yale, and a life-long fascination with Mars all converge?


Possibilities happen. And, sometimes those possibilities surprise even the the most creatively misunderstood (read: unsuccessful) writers among us!

Such a crazy, random, rapid-fire sequence of events. It reminds me of my son’s (Asperger’s) insistence that 2 + 2 = windowpane. Why? Because he remembers some random math problem that used panes of glass to represent two plus two with the sum total being a window of four panes of glass. But, I digress…back on topic: Hooray for random ideas!

So, now I’m writing. Again. I don’t delude myself into thinking that this will be anything more than an interesting and unique short story, but it will be a story.  All I can hope for now is that it captivates readers as much as it did me when it smacked me upside the head and announced: I’m HEEEEERRRREEEE!


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