Through the Looking Glass


“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.” ~UNKNOWN

When we look in the mirror, we see a reflection of our selves.  But the mirror is a liar.  It distorts reality and flips it on its side.  You’re left hand is your right, that scar above your left eye is on the wrong side, that tear in your pocket is flipped around. All lies.

One of my friends asked me today what I thought of a post on a dubious website. This post outlined all the crazy climate issues we’re facing, only it blames it on “geoengineering.”  The bad guys. The shady, nefarious “others” that swoop in and poison the air, change the weather, and send us all screaming into a day-glo orange future full of boiling temperatures, dust swept plains, melted ice caps, drought, and disease.  It’s their fault. Much easier to point our fingers at the “others”.

But that mirror is still a lie.  We look in it daily and don’t see it for what it is – just like we point our fingers at “others” instead of seeing the problem for who and what it is: ours. We own that bitch, make no mistake.

Mankind’s greed. Mankind’s power struggle. Mankind’s thirst for power and wealth. THAT is what put us here.  Not the government, not chemtrails, not HAARP. WE did this. Mankind.

We’re locusts. And if we don’t wake up – and I mean fast – we’re only going to hurt ourselves.  The planet will be fine. She’ll shake us off like fleas and reset.  But our species? Ghosts.

The mirror lies.  You look in it and see a person, not a problem.  Look past that image, remember to flip it around, and see the problem for what it is: Us.



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