Juggaar: Learning to Rethink the Existing


Juggaar  is a colloquial Hindi word meaning to “hack.”

Hack – in its current form – is defined by Urban Dictionary as a clever solution to a tricky problem.

I like to think of juggaar as a “life hack.”  There’s even a website dedicated to the practice:  Juggaar.com

In Solarpunk, the idea of jugaad-based innovation is explored. In this style of innovation, industrialized nations would take cues from work-arounds (hacks) being utilized in areas of the world that are still developing.  These are areas that have a history of recycling everyday objects to have more than one intended use.

The hope is that, by adding a bit of “behind the scenes” technology, modern society can rethink existing materials and conveniences into another form of useful solution without creating more waste and/or pollution.

This takes the idea of “recycling” to a whole new level!

What are your thoughts on this idea? Do you – or your company – practice any form of juggaar in your lives?



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