So I Wrote a Short Children’s Book….


…..sitting here with my ex-mother-in-law and we’re talking about my son who is Autistic.  And we’re just discussing how he does things in his own way and his own time…and how it doesn’t hurt a soul…because, well, why not?  And like a bolt of lightening, I was off and running…

I wish I had the clout to get Sandra Boynton to illustrate this – I could literally see her drawings when I wrote it:

The Whynotceros

William was a rhinoceros. But not just any ordinary rhinoceros!  William, or Willy to his friends, was a “whynotceros” – everybody said so!

Willy was just a little different.  He sometimes did things that the other kids found odd.  Like how he didn’t always want to play the games the way they always played them, or how he didn’t care to wear the same brands of clothes or sneakers.  And when the other kids asked him why? Willy would say: I prefer it this way.   Because, well….why not?

He kicked at puddles when it rained.

Because, why not?

He danced all the way to school one day.

Because, why not?

He sang opera in the shower.

Because, why not?

He tapped dance in snow boots.

Because, why not?

He sometimes wore mismatched socks.

Because, why not?

He ate his dinner, one food at a time.

Because, why not?

He put his chocolate flavoring in his cup before the milk.

Because, why not?

Willy didn’t worry about how others did things. And how he did things made perfect sense to him.   And if it didn’t hurt anyone…well, why not?


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