Stepside 1

“Where love reigns, the impossible may be attained.” – Geronimo  

Here’s a brief snip from the next short story I’m working on:

“She reached down and switched on the radio.  It was already set to the oldies station so she wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear the Everly Brothers belting out “Bye Bye, Love.”  Fitting she thought – someone upstairs must have a sense of humor.  She pressed the gas pedal harder and allowed the engine to growl its way to life as the wind snatched at the glossy-black braid that fell over her shoulder like a rope.  She adjusted her seat belt – one of her non-stock additions – and gave the truck its legs.

She wasn’t as hard headed as her dad had been.  They’d fought relentlessly over safety improvements – him hollerin’ at her that “it just ain’t right to mess with stock” and her yelling just as loudly back: “What the fuck is stock going to do if you roll the damn thing?!”

There’d always been bad blood there.  He’d never really gotten over the fact that Kara had the wrong “parts” and no matter how much she proved to him she could work over a vehicle just as good as any member of the male grease-monkey species, he wasn’t having any of it.  He flat out drilled and grilled, fought and spat with her every chance he got. As far as he was concerned she was meant for pink lace and sparkle.  What she wanted was the smell of diesel fumes and spent road rubber. They never did see eye-to-eye.

She loved the hell out of the man, and she never doubted he loved her right back – but Kara’s mom had up and deserted them one cool, October night right before her 8th birthday.  Darla had been the love of his life, so Ray Jensen never could bring himself to re-marry, hell, he couldn’t even bring himself to divorce the worthless bitch. But that was a whole different can of worms.

So, there would be no more children.  No son. Just Kara the daughter.  Kara of the females.  The little girl who grew up to look exactly like the woman who broke his heart. The constant reminder of a fucked up and failed relationship.  And that’s where the bad blood gushed from.  They loved each other sure, but he couldn’t forgive her for things beyond her control – and she refused to forgive him for things within his.  Especially on the day he did roll that truck.”


2 thoughts on “Impossible

    1. bamahrab

      When I finish it? =) It’s the one I’m working on right now – It’ll Probably top out somewhere around 10 to 20 pages in length….right now it’s at 5 or so. Keep tuned!


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