The Road Less Traveled

Woodland RoadThere once was a girl who dreamed of writing. However, instead of following that dream, she allowed her world to be influenced by others – people who did not have her best interest at heart, but were working towards their own goals and dreams.  So, she took a road well-traveled. This road was vetted and approved by a societal view of what should be, instead of what she felt must be.  Instead of following her heart, she got a job in finance, worked hard, and married young.

And spent the next 20 years of her life wondering where she took her wrong turn.

Out of those twisted and painfully depressing decades, she earned two bright, shining lights: A daughter and a son.  And when she finally earned them, she stopped to ask herself: do I urge these lights to shine on the road well-traveled, or do I urge them to burn brightly on the path that appears overgrown, but calls to their hearts?

The answer that came to her: Lead by example.

And so she figured, why the hell not?


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